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Windy Days

We are now certainly into the Northwest Monsoon season. Over the last few days, the wind has been quite strong, and the temperature is a few degrees cooler (maximum only around 28-29 degrees C), just as you would expect in the bleak mid winter! I like this weather, with the heat reduced, humidity reduced and a bit of wind circulating round the house.

The wind does make for choppy seas, not great if you're out on a small boat and not used to it. Better buy some seasickness tablets... Dive boats have reported great diving with lots of big fish around. It's an El NiƱo year and the water is cooler, which is great for pelagic fish. But if you're going scuba diving soon, be ready for some waves. On rare occasions, speedboats cannot go out, especially to more distant sites like the Similan Islands. No problem for liveaboard boats.

There are a couple of good web sites for wind and wave predictions - have a look at:

• Wind Guru (link to Phuket page)
• Buoyweather (covers all of Thailand)

Christmas is a coming, the goose is getting fat. Do you hate sprouts? I do.

• Play the Sprouts game!

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