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After the rain comes sun

Sunday was an unfortunate blip. We are now back to blue skies here in Phuket. The weather is a funny old thing. Predicting anything more than a vague trend is the work of fools. Nevertheless, should you be the kind to worry, you can find plenty of weather tools and links on the left side of this page <<<<

I actually enjoyed Sunday, despite the clouds and rain. Good views, time with the family and great food. Now its back to the daily grind...

Yesterday was dryish - a light drizzle in the late afternoon that missed me as I headed out of Patong. Today was clear and bright from the word go. Lovely day. I took a detour on the back road over Patong (well, if you call Nanai Road the back road, then I took the "back back" road, otherwise called Hasip Pee road and in fact there is a "back back back" road that I have only followed once - see here). Hasip Pee Road winds over the hillside and over the last few years a few more buildings have gone up along the way. It's a quiet road with views over Patong:

View over Patong, 9th January with Star Cruise Ship

After work it was gardening time (well, actually we have a gardener come once a month, which sounds decadent, but we pay him just 300 Baht). Me and the wife then tidied up a few things and repotted a couple of lotus plants. Our garden is full of plants and flowers (see more here - Phuket In Bloom).

One of our flowers....

Hope you had a nice day!

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