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Cold Mornings. Winter in Phuket.

Yesterday morning the temperature was a staggeringly, bone chillingly cold 21°C. I near froze on my bike, prompting me to wear a fleece jacket this morning (but it was warmer, about 24°C). Yes, I do keep a fleece for emergencies. Can't recall the last time I wore it, I had to dig it out of a box under a shelf.

Otherwise yesterday was sunny but distinctly chilly (if you're a local). Maximum only around 30°C, but felt cold when I rode home at 4pm. Today has started clear and bright. Looks like it's gonna be a beaut.

Cricket News: The England Cricket team continually redefines the word "Collapse". Ending yesterday on 234-4, they were all out for 291. Aside from a brave but doomed knock by Fred Flintstone, the final 5 contributed 4 (four) runs. Looking like the Aussies will get their whitewash, and England have no chance of revenge until 2009.

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