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Mid January - Mostly Sunny

Quick summary of the last few days...I don't like to do summaries and am not a big fan of weather sites that just say: 15th January - Sunny with light cloud cover, 30 degrees, calm... Oh darn, I just did it, for that was indeed the weather for the 15th.

Continuing in the same vein...

The 16th and 17th (that's today) were very similar. Started hazy, became beautiful sunny days and then had a big old thunderstorm in the evening. Yesterday was "Teachers Day" in Thailand, a school holiday. My wife took the kids along with some friends to Dino Park in Kata Beach to play mini golf. Eek! I have never done it, although I have eaten the Dino Burgers a couple of times - very good, very large, suitable for Fred Flintstone types.

Today I took a walk along Patong beach road to find some CD's. I don't think they were original (he said innocently) as I only paid 60 Baht each for them and had to walk down a passageway to a locked room behind a tailors to find them... You don't think they could be copies, do you?

I found the new one way system in Patong easy to handle. Who knows if it will work in the long term, but at least they are trying!

Mid January - Mostly Sunny  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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