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Sunny January in Phuket

The fine weather continues. What more can be said? We are getting into that time of year when you can more or less guarantee sunny skies, calm seas, toasty days, great diving...From now until early May is the best time to be here (if you like it hot). So how can I get a cold and a throat infection? I hate feeling unwell. January is all but gone, where does it go. Where does old time go?

I took a quick walk down on Patong Beach this afternoon a little before sunset, as the beach chairs and umrellas were being packed away and a few sun worshippers were getting their last rays of the day.

Patong Beach, Phuket 25th January 2007

Meanwhile, many miles away in another world called "England"...This is the view my parents had from their house yesterday. The white colour is caused by "snow". I had to look it up - SNOW.

Weather in Sussex, England 24th January 2007 - Photo by B & P Monk

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