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Sunny weekend

The weather stayed good on Saturday evening so we had our little kid's birthday party with way too much food as usual - everything from BBQ Chicken to Potato Salad to Massaman Curry to Khanom Jin .... and tonight's dinner has been potato salad and chicken again.... It was a lovely bright and warm Saturday evening. The sunset time in Phuket does not vary too much through the year. Right now it's setting about 6:30pm, and we have light until nearly 7pm.

Today (Sunday) was a slow start, a long lie in. My wife's family was here from Chumphon and we drove up with them as far as Phang Nga, where we stopped at the monkey cave which was all full of garbage. Yesterday was children's day in Thailand and there had obviously been a LOT of people there the day before. One imagines the local council workers will clear up tomorrow. There were some monkeys playing around the water. They seemed to be enjoying a refreshing dip. It's a warm night tonight, still around 27 degrees. The day has been windless and a bit hazy.

Weather in Phang Nga today 14th January 2007

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