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February sun, perfect skies

The big news over the last few days has been "Climate Change". Not sure why it is suddenly big news again. People know about it, governments know about it, we all know that human activity is having some effect. The latest report seems made to scare people. What can an individual do? How can YOU make the world a better place? Walk everywhere, ride a bike, don't use your car unless you have to. I think I will get a bicycle. I used to have one in England. Indeed I was a very keen cyclist and at one point had 3 bikes (touring, racing and a beat up old one for riding around town). I used to ride to work, about 5km, sometimes in the freezing cold. I think the coldest I experienced was about -10°C according to the thermometer in the back garden.

Is the weather changing already? Are we getting more extreme weather? Will the apocalyptic vision of that movie "The Day After Tomorrow" become reality?

The brutal fact is that I, like most people, hardly give it a thought. We do some recycling - we have a recycling center just up the road from our house (Wongpanit), but that's about it.

Well, anyway. Phuket weather. Sunday 4th February. Lovely. It's been like this since the last update and I cannot imagine any change before the next update. Every day is lovely.

View from a friend's house over Chalong, Phuket, 4th February 2007

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