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I wish I was 2 years old ...

I mean, if I was 2, I could have a siesta ANY time, and nobody would complain. Little boy is crashed out today. He's been a bit unwell and the heat has tired him out. Another hot day, though with quite a strong breeze. Being that the little nipper was not totally healthy, we decided to skip the beach. We went to check out the new Jungceylon mall in Patong. Can't say I was very impressed. Looks like they are having difficulty to attract business. Most of the mall is not open yet. Nearby is the Banzaan Fresh Market, which sits where the dirty, muddy old Patong market used to be years ago. A friend told me there is a food court there, but all we saw was empty shells where they should be selling food. Maybe we were too early? I don't think so, it was 11:30. So we ate at "Song Pee Nong 2", a small restaurant up a side street.

From Patong we drove to Karon and Kata. Karon beach is looking very nice these days, it's only problem being lack of shade. If you want to stay out of the sun you'll have to hire a beach chair and umbrella.

Kids had crashed out in the back of the car already, so I made a very quick stop at the Kata Viewpoint (see photo below) before heading home. If it's this hot now, what's it going to be like in April???

View from Kata Viewpoint, 11th Feb 2007

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