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No rain. Hot with a cool breeze.

I do apologise if the weather reports get repetitive. Oh, this sunshine! Oh, the warmth! What a drag! Better to be in England where you never know what you'll get next, or go storm chasing... Nah, I'll take the sun, thanks. Some years ago while living in Honduras, I used to moan about the heat. Mind you, I lived on an island without 24 hour electricity and where aircon was a luxury...

It's not really hot right now, with daily maximums around 28 - 29°C. Quite comfortable when you've been living in this climate for a few years. The thought of a trip to England chills me to the bone.

It is a full(ish) moon tonight. The moon rises over the hills behind our house:

Moonrise in Phuket, 1st February 2007

No rain. Hot with a cool breeze.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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