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1st March - More sun for Phuket

The week has once again zipped by. The sun has been shining most of the time, a great week if you like sunbathing, a great week to be here. My mother has been enjoying the chance to relax, though I have been working most of the week. However, I am now between jobs, and have 4 days before starting the new one. In the next few days we intend to make the most of the time off, visit some islands and hire a boat to see Phang Nga Bay. Yesterday we drove up to the North West of the island to Naithon Beach, stopping off at Kamala Beach to visit Kamala temple.

Local bus at Kamala
Naithon beach - 1st March 2007

1st March - More sun for Phuket  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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