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Did someone say "rain"?

My wife said there was some rain on our house a couple of days ago, though in Karon, some 10 kilometers away there was no sign of anything but heat. We've had a few hazy days..the kind of days when the heat is hot, you start to pray for rain..clouds appear and disappear. March is normally very dry, and I even read somewhere that water restrictions might be applied. We were up at Bang Wad reservoir about a week ago and the water level looked very healthy for this time of year.

Certainly great scuba diving weather at the moment. I have to accept that I am kind of tied to the office now, but do hope to get some dives soon. Maybe next weekend.

This evening we had a drink and a snack at the Beach Bar near the Novotel Cape Panwa. One of our current fave places to relax.

Sunset photo taken from The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa 17th March 2007

Did someone say "rain"?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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