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The end of a long March

I've had a very restful day today. I normally see Phuket Town (now officially called Phuket City) as a place I must go for things like immigration or work permit renewal or shopping, but today I decided to be a tourist (for the sake of the blog) and just wander the streets in the old part of town..streets like Dibuk road, Thalang Road, Soi Rommani, Phang Nga road...and do you know, it was rather enjoyable. Some of the back roads are very quiet, full of old houses, little shops and cafes, Chinese families (most with money..lots of Mercs and 4x4's parked outside these old houses). I have added a section onto Jamie's Phuket about Old Phuket Town.

Oh, the has been hot and sunny. I greatly enjoyed the refreshing lemon soda I had at a little restaurant called "Natural Farm" on Soi Rommani.

Here's a photo of the old clock tower which you find in the centre of the traffic circle at the junction of Montri road, Phuket Road and Soi Taling Chan.

Sunny day in Phuket town, 31st March 2007

The end of a long March  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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