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Another week of sunshine

The week since Songkran has been pretty much all sun, with just some thunder in the night, the odd spot of rain here and there. The day after Songkran (14th) was much hotter than the actual water throwing day, ideal for relaxing in the pool, and a nice sunset dinner at Kan Eang Seafood. A few days ago the morning was grey and drizzly, but that all cleared up by lunchtime. Get it while you can...low season is just around the corner (or as folks round here like to call it, the Green Season). For now, the winds are light, the sun is out, the beaches are waiting. I took a quick walk on Karon Beach yesterday morning. Karon looks very tidy these days, so much nicer than Patong, and yes, the sand did squeak. In the low season, the waves can be quite big at Karon, which is a long, open beach and the red warning flags fly. Yesterday there was just a gentle surf.

Karon Beach, 20th April 2007

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