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April come she will

So, we enter April...Typically the hottest month of the year in Phuket and indeed over most of Thailand. In the North of the country things can get really hot. Here in the south, yes it's hot but survivable! A good time of the year for aircon, a good time of year for a swim and a good time for scuba diving in Phuket too.

There have been a couple of nighttime showers and thunderstorms this week. I have a leaky roof, but y'know when it's raining it's too wet to fix it, and when it's dry it doesn't need fixing. But the days have been hot and sunny. Yesterday, the sky was so clear in the evening and I missed a great today I left the office a bit early, but darn it..still missed the sunset. As I dashed to Karon beach the sun started to sink...for the record, 6:33pm is just too late for a sunset photo. Still, the sky was beautiful.

Sunset, Karon beach, 4th April 2007

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