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Could it be a wet Songkran in Phuket?

Well, if today is anything to go by...tomorrow, April 13th, could be a wet one. Tomorrow is Songkran, the Thai New Year and water festival. The watery part started as sprinkling water on buddha images and on friends and family as a sign of respect and to symbolise a cleansing for the new year. These days...a mass water fight with huge water pistols, buckets, people riding round in pick up trucks firing water at pedestrians...we tend to avoid the madness - see last years Songkran in Phuket.

This week has been hot and sunny, but every evening there has been thunder and local thunderstorms. Normal for the time of year, you can't have the heat without the thunder. But today started grey and drizzly, yuk. The sun did shine most of the afternoon, but tonight it's raining again.

Tomorrow, our Songkran plan includes a drive way up to the north of Phuket, where a turtle release ceremony takes place at Mai Khao Beach near the JW Marriott. Then I guess we drive around and take some photos of water throwing before having a private water fight at home. So, I hope it's not raining tomorrow...

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