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Songkran - Not too hot, but very wet!

Well, today was Songkran, the Thai new year. A big party all over Thailand. Normally the weather all over the country at this time is HOT, very HOT, so the idea of chucking water at everyone and getting soaked is quite attractive. The watery part of Songkran started with sprinkling water on Buddha images. The underlying significance of Songkran is the process of cleansing and purification - the purging of all ills, misfortune and evil and starting the New Year afresh with all that is good and pure. Water is symbolic of the cleaning process and signifies purity. In more recent years, the "sprinkling of water" has evolved into non stop water throwing from buckets, pans, water pistols, high pressure hoses etc.. The traditional sprinkling of Buddha still continues for sure, but on a hot day everyone enjoys a good waterfight!

The weather in Phuket today was hot, but not too hot. By night time there was some rain and thunder around as there has been almost every day this week.

Songkran photos are on Jamie's Phuket Blog.

Happy New Year!

Songkran in Phuket. Nothing wrong with a shower on a hot day!

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