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13th May - Sunny all day ... almost

As we left the house this afternoon for a little drive, my wife asked "do you think it will rain?". The sky was almost all clear, the day had been hot thus far, and there was no sign of dark cloud... Quite safe to leave the laundry out and all the windows open...

We drove down to Chalong, and along to Rawai beach where we bought some fresh fish in the market, and I stopped to take a few photos. Rawai beach has many little food stalls and tables on the floor by the sea. The sun was shining and people were enjoying their Sunday.

Rawai beach, Phuket, 13th May

By the time we'd driven via Phromthep Cape back to Chalong we had dark skies, with the clouds moving in fast from the west. It got dark very quickly and the windscreen wipers were on full speed. Back home and the floor was wet inside the house by the open west facing windows, and the laundry was on the grass in the garden. The weather can change fast at this time of year!

Driving home, 13th May Stormy skies, 13th May

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