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Is this really the wet season?

Well, after the usual unsettled weather at the very start of the SW Monsoon season (aka wet season, aka green season), things have settled down very nicely for the last few days. Last Monday and Tuesday were still a bit wet, but after that the sun has been shining much of the time. Today we had a bunch of customers out diving at the King Cruiser Wreck and Shark Point (which are in mid ocean between Phuket and Phi Phi) and they reported almost calm seas. The weather has been hot and there is very little wind. Read my little report on The Wet Season in Phuket...

Last week the winds were stronger and (as happens sometimes at this time of year) there were big waves at the beaches. In some parts however the waves were really big. The Phuket Gazette reported 4 meter waves in the north of Phuket, causing some people to worry about a tsunami (there have also been a couple of earthquakes felt in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in the last 2 weeks). The reports had me singing the Johnny Cash song...

How high's the water, mama?
Two feet high and risin'

People coming to Phuket between May and October should be aware that the beaches are not always safe for swimming. Use common sense and look out for red flags. Sometimes (like today) the water is almost flat, but at other times the waves are even big enough for surfing in Phuket!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been a busy week at work and my daughter is back at school, meaning we all have to wake up early and we all get tired! This weekend, if you are in Phuket and like rugby, be sure to check out the Phuket International Rugby 10's, taking place at Karon stadium at the south end of Karon beach.

Photos added on 23rd May:

View from Chalong up to Buddha Mountain
Blue skies looking up to the Big Buddha, which is nearing completion.

Blue skies over The Green Man, 23rd May 2007
The Green Man Pub in Chalong.

Is this really the wet season?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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