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Phuket Sunny season?

I guess we can "blame" global warming, or just shrug our shoulders and say "Nature works in mysterious ways"... We are now officially into the low season, aka the monsoon season. Sure there were a few wet days early in the month, but the last week has been hot, hace calor, il fait chaud. Sunshine, blue skies, light winds. Feels more like March than May. The wind IS coming from the west, but it ain't bringing much rain right now. We even had to water the garden this evening. Makes for great holiday weather and at low season prices! Hotels in Phuket drop prices way down at this time of year, and the weather this week goes to show that a "low season" visit to Phuket can be fabulous...and a bargain to boot!

Today we visited Phuket Aquarium for the nth time. Great for the kids. They have added a little nature trail behind the main building with great views...

View from the beach near Phuket Aquarium, 26th May 2007

Later we drove to Bang Wad reservoir. Lots of locals go up there in the evening to walk, jog, ride bikes, have a picnic, play takraw, go fishing... We took bikes for the kids and I am proud to say my daughter rode a bike with 2 wheels for the first time :)

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