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Rain! I think the low season is coming

Until about 3 days ago, the weather in Phuket continued hot and sunny with some evening rain, about par for the score for this time of year. But then on Monday there was a big change. I took my motorbike for a service at the Caltex garage just over the hill from Patong. From there you have a clear view of the hills and I saw some dark cloud but thought little of it... 10 minutes later the cloud was covering the sky and the rain fell like a sheet. More importantly, the weather was coming from the west or southwest. This means for certain that the low season (aka "monsoon season") is about to start.

Monday was wet, Tuesday was pretty wet too. The 3 photos below are all from Tuesday.

Lots of grey clouds - Chalong 1st May

Karon Beach, 1st May - some blue skies for a while

And here's the rain - Karon 1st May

Today was wet in places. The wind couldn't make up it's mind. In the morning from the west, in the afternoon from the east... and I went out diving and had a great dive on the King Cruiser Wreck. Sea was a little agitated, but certainly not rough - the real SW winds are not here yet!

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