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When the rain comes...

They run and hide their heads. I spoke too soon a few days ago. Yesterday started cloudy, stayed mostly cloudy and ended with rain in the evening. Today (29th May) was basically wet all day with a steady downpour in Karon Beach from about 9:30am until 6pm, just a brief respite at lunchtime enabling me to dash to Mama Noi for lunch. And the Gods were smiling on me..just as I finished work, closed the dive shop at 6pm...the rain stopped.

For some photos of the rain (ooh, wow), see the Sunrise Divers Phuket Weather page. I felt a bit sorry for 2 students who started their PADI Open Water course today and spent an afternoon in the pool in the rain. Let's hope they have a nice day diving tomorrow.

Non weather related..Well done to Derby County, and well done to the England Cricket team for inflicting West Indies heaviest ever defeat. Candy from a baby.

Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines it's just a state of mind?

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