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After the rain comes sun; after the sun comes rain again

The last few days have been "mostly dry", but with rain lurking around the corner and a few stiff breezes blowing. Nothing remarkable, nothing bad enough to ruin your holiday, but not exactly sunbathing weather either. We did go to the pool on Saturday and despite only patchy sunshine, my shoulders gained some colour. What rain has fallen has been very isolated. Yesterday we had a heavy 30 minute shower around 5pm, but at home (10km away as the crow flies) there was no rain. As I rode home on my valiant steed, there were dark clouds around, but no pitter patter raindrops spoiled my journey.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (in my garden) - 23rd June

Today the sky was very dark early morning and I decided not to risk a bike ride, so my wife dropped me here after taking our daughter to school, and she'll pick me up later. Of course, not a drop of rain has fallen today. Sod's Law, you can call it. I call it "better safe than sorry".

Rain, Karon Plaza, 25th June

After the rain comes sun; after the sun comes rain again  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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