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A couple of stormy days

After all that sunshine, there had to be some rain sometime! Saturday was the last of the sunny days. Sunday was not too bad, rather cool and grey, but customers at Sunrise Divers said it was sunny at Racha Yai island where they had been diving, about 20km south of Phuket. Yesterday things started to get a little bouncy on the ocean in the afternoon, and by the evening dark clouds were rolling in over the western shores. Had some heavy rain and strong wind for a while in the night.

This morning started wet and windy, and I was thinking "glad I'm not out diving today". A very good day for working in an office. By mid morning it was still wet and windy here in Karon Beach, Phuket. The rain would stopped for a while around lunchtime, and I dashed down to the beach and take some photos of the sea conditions.

Red flag flying at Karon Beach, 19th June Staring at the sea...
I don't think I'll go for a paddle today
Waves coming right up the beach, Karon, 19th June

The forecast is for more of the same tomorrow and some dive boats have decided that discretion is the better part of valour, in other words "safety first". No trips tomorrow, but should all calm down by Thursday. Wind Guru is a good place to look.

You can check the conditions off Karon Beach very well anytime by looking at the webcam run by the Marina resort:

Karon Beach Live View

Music for today: ELO, Concerto for a Rainy Day (from the "Out of the Blue" album)

The good intentions and the pain
Lay drowned now in the pouring rain (from "Standin' in the Rain")

A couple of stormy days  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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