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Everybody's in a play

Yet again, another low season week of sunshine. There was some rain, just a splash on Friday afternoon - I even donned my plastic poncho for part of the ride home. In the night there was quite a bit of rain and a fair west wind blowing, making the sea a little bouncy, but nothing that would make you lose your lunch. The rest of the week was mostly hot and sunny again, though the rain on Friday night continued into Saturday we awoke today to pitter patter raindrops and grey skies. Plans for swimming or going to Paradise Beach were abandoned...

What to do on a grey day? Shopping! We headed for Phuket Town and wandered around Robinsons mall for an hour - lots of rather expensive clothes and a good cake shop! But then Mr Blue Sky made an appearance, so we drove over to Koh Sirey (just east of Phuket Town) for lunch at a beachside restaurant called "Had Pleum Suk" - right by the water, views across the sea east of Phuket, but rather slow service. From there, back into Phuket town and a quick drive up Monkey Hill with views over the town and monkeys too!

View from Monkey Hill, 16th June
View from restaurant, Koh Sirey. 16th June

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