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The Return of the (Sun) King

It's that time of year when you never know what will happen next. Weather forecasts often tend to be rather uniform saying things like "partly cloudy" and "chance of a thunderstorm", which is surely meteorologist-speak for "er...haven't a clue". There is always the chance of a thunderstorm - for heavens sakes we are in the tropics, but that does not mean continual rain. My take on the low season is that you get more sun than rain and it's a nice time to come to Phuket.

Yesterday was typically changeable. I stopped at Chalong Jetty on the way to Karon beach. It was a beautiful morning - see photos below. By late morning, clouds gathered and we had a 30 minute downpour and some stiff breezes. Divers coming back from Racha Yai island reported 8 foot waves...

Chalong Bay, 27th June
Chalong Bay, 27th June

Today is once again a really very nice day - sunny and warm, with a slight cooling breeze, the kind of day you were glad you listened to Jamie and came to Phuket in the low season!

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