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Shine! The weather's fine...

Today was just perfect weather for just about anything (so long as you're on holiday and not working...). In fact this whole week has been sunny and warm. Might seem odd for the "low season" / "wet season", but in fact this is quite normal. Most of the time, the weather in Phuket at this time of year is great. Sometimes it's a bit cloudy and sometimes you get some rain. This is my 8th June in Phuket and I keep on saying it, and will say it until I am blue in the face - The low season is a nice time to come to Phuket. Read more here : Rainy Season in Phuket - It's Great!

Now there was a splash of rain earlier in the week. On Monday, my wife was stuck for 45 minutes just north of Phuket Town because the road was flooded. There was no rain in Karon Beach that day (where I was sitting). When the rain comes, the downpours can be very isolated.

Today I went up the hill behind Karon beach. There are lots of back roads in the hills and things are very quiet up there, and the views can be great. Along the road are rubber trees and I found a rubber workers house with sheets of rubber hanging up. Rubber was a very important part of Phuket's economy for a long time and even today in these modern touristy times, huge areas of the island are covered by rubber trees.

Can I just say again - today was lovely!

View from the hills above Karon Beach
Rubbr drying in the sun, Karon, Phuket
Rubber Press in rubber workers house
Sheets of rubber hanging in rubber workers house

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