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They call it Paradise

Don't you just hate the weather? Hey, we should have some rain at this time of year to cool things off, fill the reservoirs, make the land green. If you are on holiday in Phuket right now, I guess you are not complaining. The low season weather is once again confounding the critics with a stunning display of blue skies and sunshine. The weekend was warm and sunny, perfect for BBQ's, birthday parties and beaches. We did all of these things!

On Saturday we drove into Patong (what?) - well, we drove through Patong and out the other side, to a place called Paradise Beach. You follow the road to the Merlin Beach Resort and pass Tri Trang Beach (which is also quite nice), then over a steep narrow road.... it's enough to put off most people, so the beach is lovely, there's a small restaurant, a few beach chairs and the water is pretty clear and good for snorkeling. Might just go back next weekend...

Tri Trang Beach, 9th June
Tri Trang Beach

Paradise Beach, 9th June
Paradise Beach

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