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Welcome to the Human Race

As predicted right here on Jamie's Phuket has been a glorious sunny day with light winds, ideal for diving or anything else you may fancy. The bad weather of 2 days ago forgotten, melted away by the rays of the sun. Yesterday was not as bad as predicted, in fact there were a few patches of blue sky in the afternoon, but the morning was still wet and windy, so those divers who had trips cancelled and went today instead will be feeling quite happy about it!

I took a walk on Karon Beach this morning... There were still some quite big waves on the beach, but nothing like 2 days ago, and out at sea no sign of whitecaps. if you are in Phuket, take a walk on the beach before about 9am. No crowds, not too hot, fresh ocean breezes...

Karon Beach view from 'On The Rock' restaurant, 21st June

Local fisherman on Karon beach, 21st June

Karon Beach, 21st June

Welcome to the Human Race  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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