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Blue skies and cold beers

I've taken a holiday this week since it's the "low season". Also my daughters birthday and I had to renew my visa and work permit. There have been some of the usual sudden downpours and thunderstorms over the last few days, but the skies have mostly been bright and sunny. The sea looks very calm too. Great for a bit of diving or a day out on a boat visiting local islands. Of course, I have done none of that this week, just doing odd jobs round the house, shopping and relaxing.

We moved into our house 4 years ago and honestly (sob story coming up) I can count on one hand the days I have actually had the chance to sit in the garden under blue skies, cold beer in hand and enjoy being at home without a care in the world. I need more holidays! The skies were blue yesterday, I got my one year visa renewal, handed in all the paperwork to renew the work permit and had a chance to relax in the afternoon.

View from my garden, 25th July

Today has also been a lovely day. I enjoyed shooting monsters in the garden with my 2 year old boy, followed by shooting flowers. Lots of flowers in bloom right now. Just the right mix of sunshine and showers, which is why some people call this the "Green Season" in Phuket.

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Orchid in bloom in our garden
We got roses too!

Meanwhile, back in Blighty.... what is going on? Floods, people left stranded and without water supplies, monsoon in England! (Read more on the BBC).

I really enjoyed watching the Tour de France last night - live feed from the Pyrenees, the Yellow Jersey finally shaking off his challengers to win the stage and surely secure victory... and then getting kicked off the tour. I do agree that teams and the tour organisers need to get tough, and maybe next year there will be no drug scandals, but this is getting to a point where I (a big cycling fan) just can't be bothered to watch the next stage.

Please join me and pray for sunny weather over the next few days. We have a party tomorrow for a friends birthday, and for our daughter on Saturday. Please don't rain.

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