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In the low season I have come to expect constant changes in the weather here in Phuket. Often you'll have regular switches between sun and rain, back to sun, a wet and wild day followed by a gorgeous calm day... This year seems a bit different. The weather has been much calmer than normal, with very few wet days and plenty of sunshine. Won't be long before officials start to worry about water levels in the reservoirs and the cloud seeding planes take off.

You expect some cloud cover at this time of year, but some of the days in the last week have been really hot with bright sunshine. You need to get up early if you want a walk on the beach before the heat.

Despite the sun, there have been some waves at the beaches. Waves are often not related to local weather since they travel across oceans. A storm hundreds of miles away can give us waves here. The real "monsoon" has been hitting Pakistan and the west of India this week, all we get are some waves, but it's all related to the south west prevailing winds. It was even good enough for a Surfing Contest at Kalim beach this weekend. I didn't go (not really a surfer dude) - for more information see the Phuket Board Riders Club website.

Phuket Board Riders Club Web Site
Kalim Surfing Competition Photo Gallery
Surfing in Phuket

This morning I stopped on the way to Karon and headed up a small side road near Chalong that I have meant to follow for ages. Found my dream house up there and some great views over the Chalong area. Viva el Sol!

View over Chalong area near Chalong Bay

View over Chalong Bay and the road from Kata

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