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(Nearly) Full Moon Party

We got lucky this weekend. There was a lot of rain about, but we had 2 dry evenings for birthday parties. On Friday afternoon I called my friend and wondered if his birthday party would be rained off... but the rain stopped later in the afternoon. On Saturday, the morning was very wet and I worried about my daughter's party, but again the sun came through, dried up the garden and allowed me to light the BBQ. The sky cleared and the moon was bright and (nearly) full. The full moon is actually today. The infamous monthly full moon party on Koh Pha Ngan is tomorrow, since today is a Buddhist Holiday (Buddhist Lent) - which meant I could not buy a beer in Dairy Hut this evening :(

Despite the drug problems, I did enjoy watching the final stage of the Tour de France yesterday. The riders enjoyed themselves and then went hell for leather over the final 50km. Life bans for cheats. As a former athlete and cyclist myself (not quite up to international standard though) drug users in sport really get my goat. What is the point? What are you proving? Ban them for life.

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