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Phuket or the Yorkshire Moors?

On Tuesday, as I drove home on my valiant steed the skies were cloudy and grey, but about halfway home I figured it was not going to rain. Indeed the morning had started bright and only "clouded up" later in the day. About 30 seconds after I had decided it wouldn't rain, the clouds suddenly opened and I rushed to put on my 25 Baht plastic poncho. Rain is always wet, but normally here you can at least be comforted by the knowledge that the rain will be warm. Not this time. As I rode along the "new road" called Muang Chao Fa road towards the Prince of Songkhla University I had flashbacks of York University Bike Tours into the moors on wet winters days and diving into a teashop for pots of tea and hot teacakes (and Mars bars and bags of crisps). The Muang Chao Fa road winds for several km through the green "Chao Fa hills" and with the clouds hanging low and the cold rain stinging my skin, it felt just like Yorkshire. It's not often I really feel the need for a hot hot shower here!

Yesterday was much nicer - I mean it was cloudy but I didn't see any rain and today started out beautifully. The skies were blue for half the day, though a fair west wind was blowing and the beach looked rather wavy. I went up to Kata Center to buy some CD's and the blue skies over Karon beach looked great. But by the time I headed back with camera a couple of hours later it had become cloudier and hazier. Oh well, maybe tomorrow for the "sunny photo".

Grey skies rolled in later on, and I wondered if the rain would fall before my 71 seconds was up at the traffic lights...

71 seconds

Now, allow me a digression. Something I saw on the BBC a couple of days ago gave me some confidence in humanity. Every day on the news I see death, killing, bombing, terrorism, anger... and it all SEEMS to come from Islam. In so many countries from Thailand to Nigeria, the troubles involve Muslims. But does the Koran teach violence and hatred? No. Is your average Joe on the street in Pakistan or Iraq a terrorist? No more than you or I. And finally, the "silent majority" of muslims have found a voice, and I hope this voice flourishes.

The "movement" (if you can call it that) is called Yeh Hum Naheen, which means "This is Not Us". There must be a lot of muslims round the world who are getting fed up of being tarred with the same brush as bombers and murderers and terrorists. Now with the help of some of the rich and famous of the Pakistani pop world, the word is out.

Yeh Hum Naheen - the web site

Yeh Hum Naheen

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