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The sunny side of the street

For the customers we had out diving the last few days - for those brave souls who "risked" the low season, the gamble paid off. Calm seas, sunny skies, uncrowded waters... perfect! We just had a heavy shower this morning for an hour, but the rest of this week has seen great weather.

I stopped at Chalong Temple this morning to take some photos in the morning light. The golden temples are best seen in the early morning or late afternoon. Early morning is best, since nobody else has turned up yet. As I left around 8:45am, a big group of Thai tourists was arriving. The skies were blue and I was already feeling hot by that time!

Chalong Temple, 20th July

Meanwhile, it's tres chaud in France too! I enjoy watching the Tour de France, with all those lovely French towns, great scenery and all those bikes! Years ago I used to be a very keen cyclist. Back in 1990, I headed to France with Rob and Giles from the York University bike club and the 3 of us rode 2500 km around France, through the Pyrenees and into Northern Spain. A great ride to be sure. Our very own Tour de France.

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