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August in Phuket has started mostly sunny

With apologies for lack of updates for a week. It's just been rather busy at work.. Everyone seems to have decided that NOW is the time to book their dive trip to Thailand. Advance booking is a good idea, for sure - if you are planning any diving in the future, ask Sunrise Divers Phuket. After sitting at a computer almost all day, it's been hard to face one at home! Plus we were tired from last weeks parties, we had another kids birthday party on Saturday, and my internet connection at home is rubbish. Our house just seems to be up the wrong street to get ADSL - we are about 800m from the main road. I CAN get a 3,000 Baht per month internet package using satellite technology from Singapore, but at this time I do not want to pay that much.

Oh, yeh, the weather. Mostly sunny. Mostly dry. Mostly light winds.

There has been some occasional rain over the last week. Yesterday I left home in the sunshine, noticed some clouds over the hills and 5 minutes later got drenched by a sudden downpour which lasted only 5 minutes, then I was back in the sun again!

On Saturday we took our kids to Phuket Zoo for a repeat visit. I am not a zoo fan really, but I do like to see my kids get excited to see a camel, a toucan or a crocodile. It was a hot day and the zoo is a hot and humid place with trees all around. There is a small indoor (aircon) aquarium and a very nice orchid garden too.

Got any kids?

Camel in the sun Phuket Zoo

Orchid at Phuket Zoo

Forecast: Nice. Oh and the footy season has kicked off with another dull Man U - Chelsea game.

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