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Fon Tok (A bit of rain in Phuket)

Weather in Phuket has been a little more low season like in the last few days. The weekend was very nice, but now it's rather wet and gray again. Well, it happens sometimes. Nothing serious but enough to make you go home without a tan.

We had a sick little boy for a couple of days, so didn't get much sleep. Maybe the change in the weather got to him. Hot and sunny on Saturday in the pool, running around until all hours at a little party on Sunday, then wet and "cold" (very relative term) on Monday.

Today was wet almost all day. A few rays of sun and several hours rain - probably the wettest day for a couple of months. Never mind, I have my trusty plastic poncho - 20 Baht in 7-11. They are meant to be throwaway, for emergencies, but with proper care they can last for ages!

Raining - 16th August 2007 The latest fashion in plastic raincoats, only 20 Baht.

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