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Grey Day

It has been raining all day today without even a minutes respite. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light drizzle, but the sun has given up the ghost today. Dark skies wound my soul. Won't last for long, though the forecast for tomorrow is not promising either. Bad luck if your holiday in Phuket is now! You should have come last week! Good for the garden I keep telling myself, but our roof has sprung leaks and there were drips on the floor in 2 places this morning. Have to get it fixed, but you know what they say - "When it's raining it's too wet to fix it, and when it's dry it don't need fixing" :) Had to drive into Patong this morning to visit the bank - rain poured down making driving difficult. Would not be surprised to hear of some minor flooding in Patong later - the drainage has always been a problem there in heavy rain.

Rain in Patong, 29th August

Wet here in Karon beach too...

Karon Plaza temple in the rain, 29th August

The rain is falling on my face
I wish I could sink without a trace.
In the morning I awake,
My arms my legs my body aches,
The sky outside is wet and grey,
So begins another weary day.

Grey Day, Madness (one of my fave songs when I was about 12)

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