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Here comes the sun

The last couple of days we've had lovely weather in Phuket. After all the rain towards the end of last week and on Saturday, we are most definitely back to warm sunny weather now. Just what the doctor ordered. Winds are light today, great diving weather, and Karon beach was looking very nice this afternoon. I took a little walk. The sand really does squeak. I thought that was just guidebook mumbo jumbo, but it's true. Not many people around. Waves much smaller than recent weeks, but still signs up showing rip current warnings. Great low season weather. According to WindGuru (one of my favourite weather sites), the good weather is set to continue.

Karon Beach, 23rd August - Ignoring the Rip Current signs... Karon Beach, 23rd August

I never thought it was that rough (we have had people out diving every day), but a boat sank near Krabi on Tuesday, and another boat made an emergency call saying "a passenger on board needed emergency treatment for a heart condition brought on by stress from the large waves". The dive boats didn't report anything out of the ordinary - we had beginner divers out at Racha Yai on Tuesday and they didn't say it was rough.

Meanwhile, in Thai politics, the Referendum went ahead on Sunday with a sizeable YES vote, especially in the south of the country. The vote in Phuket was nearly 90% in favour of the new constitution. I have not read exactly what the constitution says - but at least YES means the country can move on and hold elections.

Draft constitution - English translation on Thai Government Website
Artcle about the new constitution on Wikipedia
BBC News - Thai Voters Approve New Charter

Meanwhile, ousted ex-PM Thaksin must be happy with his new toy - Man City are top of the English Premiership and beat Man Utd on Sunday.

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