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Now this is more like it! Not that I hate the rain - a bit of fresh cool air is nice; rain makes Phuket green and fills the reservoirs, but a rainy day does limit your options. I can't spend every day in a shopping mall! Since I only have 1 day off per week, I can get rather ratty if that day off is shi**y like last weekend. Today was just about perfect, though I can't say we made the most of the day, having been out at a friends house the night before, going to bed tired and not wanting to wake up early...

Such is the life of a working parent. I set the alarm for 6am on school days, allowing time for a walk around the village in the morning (an attempt to slow the affects of middle age spread), time for a coffee before waking the kids and getting ready for school/work. So waking up at 8am like today is a lie in and feels so nice!

Weather in Phuket today was warm and sunny, hardly any wind and would have been a great day for scuba diving or a trip to Phang Nga Bay or, well, just about anything. Of course we didn't do much, just tried to rest. We took a drive later in the day towards Chalong and followed a side road up in the hills, finally reaching some rustic bungalows which are for rent. Nice! Up in the trees, views over Chalong Bay - the place was called something like "Baan Teen Kao". Then we took a quick walk at Chalong Jetty, which is something many locals do in the evening.

Viva el sol! Forget last week - we don't get so much rain in the "rainy season"!

Chalong Jetty
Longtail boats in Chalong Bay, 25th August View from the hills

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