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Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

I only have myself to blame for being too big. My new plastic raincoat covered my torso, but alas not my legs, and it was a wet evening yesterday, meaning I got wet on the way home on my bike. Also in the rain the journey takes longer as I drive slowly. Riding a bike in Phuket is not as dangerous as some people like to think, but you can almost guarantee that in the rain you'll get some nutcase racing along at 80 kph, not wearing a helmet and wrapping his brains round the front of a truck. So I always ride slowly and keep left.

This morning was even wetter, so we came in the car, meaning dropping our daughter at school, then coming to Karon beach to drop me off. My wife will have to drive back here later to pick me up too... It's still raining. About time we had some proper rain!

This weekend, Thailand votes for a new constitution (See BBC News), and we hope this will go smoothly and pave the way for elections. More importantly, it's Liverpool v Chelsea on Sunday. Thankfully for beer drinking football lovers like me, according to the Phuket Gazette, there will be no ban on alcohol sales this weekend.

Hopefully we'll get a few rays of sunshine as well as a bright future for Thailand.

Dark skies near my house this morning

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