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Started wetter

This morning was much better (unless you happen to like the rain). But it may be a brief respite. The Phuket Gazette has a weather report prediting the rainy weather will continue for a while yet (see here). I have to say, it has been generally quite dry this summer, and without a bit of rain we'd all be moaning about water shortages in February.

I stopped at Karon Beach this morning. Many parts of the beach are still very green and natural (if you frame your photo to exclude beach chairs). Locals do still head out and fish from the beach. These photos were on the beach in front of the Moevenpick Resort.

Red flag and sunshine, Karon Beach, 19th August Longtail boat and nets, Karon Beach

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But the wet weather is not what's bugging me - it's the football on TV. It seems I can't get any English Premier League (EPL) on my cable any more. I hope this is temporary. I cancelled the Satellite TV (UBC) last year due to rising costs and the fact that they did not show any World Cup football. The UBC package is about 50 US$ per month (and that's not the most expensive package) and then some major sporting events are on Pay per View on top of that. UBC are alienating people - I know I am not the only cheap charlie in town! The cable is 350 Baht per month (about 11 US$).

Looks like I need to call a pal and see if he's watching Liverpool v Chelsea tonight...

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