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The sun is back

It's been a hot and sunny weekend in Phuket. The winds have slackened, and the sky has been bright blue for the last few days. I felt the midday heat on Friday, coming to work late to allow my wife to attend a Mothers Day event at school. A 30 minute bike ride in the sun was enough to get my tan back.

Yesterday was a chance to sleep late and then head out to enjoy a beautiful day. We went swimming at the Land & Houses Park, which is a huge housing development in Phuket with some very nice houses. We've looked at living here, but at the moment it's just a tad out of our reach. The pool is great - 100 Baht for kids, 150 for adults. Hard to drag the kids out of the water!

Pool at Land and Houses Park, Phuket - 11th August 2007

Today was the same, but reports from the field (a dive boat diving at Racha Yai Island) say the wind was picking up in the afternoon making for a slightly bumpy ride home.

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