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Sun, Sun, Su...hey, what's that wet stuff?

The weekend continued sunny with calm seas. Sunday lived up to it's name - the sun shone during the day, though the night was rather dark. We had to go to bed early since Monday morning was my daughters school sports day at Sapan Hin (in the south of Phuket town by the sea) - I must go back there early one morning as it looked very nice. We had to be there at 7:30am (the aim being to beat the heat by starting early). Of course I had to work, so didn't see the dancing and races and stuff, and my wife said it got very hot in the stadium later in the morning. She called me later from the pool at "Land and Houses Park" (see photo on 12th August) - lovely weather for swimming, but I was working :(

Today has been grey and quite wet, and the sea looked more agitated. I avoided the rain in the morning and afternoon while zipping along on my trusty Honda, but there was a fair amount of rain at Karon Beach today.

Camille, who does a Koh Samui Weather Blog is in Phuket right now, so is also recording the weather in Phuket :)

Sun, Sun, Su...hey, what's that wet stuff?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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