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The West Wind Doth Blow

We've had a few windy low season days here in Phuket. Last week the seas were nice and calm, great for diving or a paddle in the sea. This week it's been rather blowy, though mostly sunny at the same time. Tourists have to be careful of swimming at the beach at this time of year. If you see big waves, best not to go swimming. Several people drown every year at the beaches here. Karon beach is a long open beach and the waves can have quite a kick, plus you often get undertows. I suggest some light reading:

Don't Drown on Your Thai Holiday

Wednesday was rather blowy, even in the shelter of Chalong Bay, where we had a little launch party for the MV Giamani, a new dive boat. This morning the beach was all awash at Karon, lots of white water and foam. I didn't see anyone swimming...

View over Karon Beach, 9th August

Red flag at Karon Beach, 9th August

You can find wind and wave predictions for Phuket (and many other places around the world) at Wind Guru.

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