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Wet Saturday. Thank God for Central!

Forget anything I said about yesterday or Thursday being the wettest day for ages. Today wins that award. Almost constant rain from dawn until night time. Cool weather, no need for a fan, let alone aircon. Every low season has these little rainy periods that last a few days, but if you look back at the archives it's easy to see that there's more sun than rain in the "rainy" season. I wrote a little blog article about it a while ago : Low Season in Phuket.

Rain rain rain. 18th August 2007

So, what to do on a rainy day... tourists and locals alike can be thankful for the abundance of shopping centers in Phuket. When I came here in 1999, Tesco Lotus was the only one, and it was only a supermarket - the mall section was built later. Then came Big C, Index and the big one - Central Festival. You also have the new Junk Ceylon in Patong.

On a day like this, it gets to 8pm and I am thinking of hibernation. You know, days like this are so rare that it's actually quite nice for a change. The air is fresh and cool, the world is green and we have a night time frog chorus outside our house.

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