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Mostly Grey, and God help Utila.

A quick update of the last few days - nothing really exciting to report... On Saturday evening, my wife and I attended a 20th wedding anniversary party for some friends at the Chili Restaurant which they own (it's on the main road North of Phuket Town, near Boat Lagoon). Luckily they had a large tent outside, as the rain hammered down for much of the evening.

Sunday started wet, but the sun did peep through later. Monday was dry but grey all day and a friend in Utila alerted me to the fact that Hurricane Felix was pointing directly at them. I stayed in Utila back in 1998/99 and had done my divemaster course there in 1996. I just missed the catastrophic Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Would hate to think another monster is going to cut across Honduras. The latest track suggests that it will make landfall soon on the remote Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and head inland away from Utila - see Tropical Storm Risk, or the BBC News.

Today has been mostly drizzle. No hard rain, just gloomy :( We had planned to look at some dive boats at the Phuket shipyards today, but the skies were just too darn cloudy and rain started around 10am. Might get over there on Thursday - forecasts look decent... I pray for sun in Phuket and I pray for anyone in the path of Hurricane Felix.

Mostly Grey, and God help Utila.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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