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The Rain Returns

After that lovely weekend, the rain has been a falling the last 2 days. Nothing too serious, but you'd want to keep an umbrella handy. There was some minor flooding on the roads around Chalong this morning with police directing people up back roads to save them from flooding their engines.

The latest satellite picture shows a fair amount of cloud to the west. Maybe the last of the westerlies? I swear I felt a North wind last night?

Satellite Picture 26 September

The WindGuru forecast for the next week is wet and windy. Please be wrong - I have a holiday next week. Right now there is light rain but not much wind. The weather radar shows a lot of rain around:

Phuket Weather Radar 26 September

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Meanwhile, over the border in Myanmar - I am watching the news closely. There is the potential for a change for the good; there is also the potential for a bloodbath.

And parts of the UK were struck by tornadoes on Monday! (see BBC News)

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