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September - Ch Ch Ch Changes

The lovely weekend weather continued into Monday - yesterday was mostly sunny, but dark clouds arrived in the evening. I had hoped to stop at Karon Temple for some photos, as I noticed that the temple looks great just before sunset, but by 6pm there was no more sun. Later the rain did fall a little.

This morning I awoke ready for a brisk walk around the village and my daughter was ready to join me which was nice - we normally have to drag her out of bed in the mornings! Unfortunately it was pi**ing down at 7am, so no walking. I am sure my garden appreciates the rain, though I am trying to grow roses and orchids, not a rainforest..

Rose in my garden after this mornings rain

However, by 8am the sun was shining again and indeed, with the air cleared by the early morning rain, promised to be a lovely day. I drove to Karon via Patong under blue skies, stopping off for a couple of photos... The Go Kart track is just outside Patong, and is a popular attraction for groups and families - you can even arrange your own "grand prix" - have a look at the Phuket Go Kart web site.

Go Kart!

Just as you enter Patong, at the bottom of the hill, you find Patong Temple - a little bit of "old Patong" - a far cry from the hotels and bars in the tourist zones. The area of Patong around the temple is quiet and "local" with a little streetside market in the mornings and small local shops (now competing with the 7-11). You can read more about the temple here: Patong Temple.

Patong Temple, 11th September

So, today started wet, got sunny and then.. yes, it's raining again now!,'s stopped... get the picture? Phuket wether is hard to fathom sometimes!

It was 6 years ago that the September 11th attacks took place. I saw it all happening on TV. Watching the World Trade Center collapse has to be the most shocking thing I have ever seen. I was hoping that I was actually watching a movie - this could not happen in real life, could it?

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