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Sun, Showers and 3 nil to England

Saturday was everything September weather is about - started bright, but we coudn't take full advantage as the door fell off our fridge this morning. It had fallen off once before - cheap rubbish. Well it lasted 4 years and was too small anyway. So we had a trip to HomePro to get a new fancy big fridge - heavy rain sounded on the roof while we were indoors and of course the fridge we wanted was out of stock, so we had to choose again. Kids running around the bathroom displays and getting bored. The rain was not a good sign as we were due for a kids birthday party at a friend's house in the afternoon.

Luckily, by early afternoon the sun was out again and the kids could play in the pool. Dad jumped in to join them for a while. Some dark clouds briefly threatened our happiness, but just a few drops of rain fell.

It'll be time for a holiday at the end of this month before our 6 month high season kicks in. Busy time for diving - everything from beginnners dive courses to liveaboard trips. If you're thinking of diving, come and say hi to Sunrise Divers.

Today has been bright and the little temple in Karon Plaza has been spruced up...

Cutting the grass at the little temple in Karon Plaza

Meanwhile, English teams managed wins in Football, Cricket and Rugby on the same day. Well done lads. I didn't watch any of it, was too busy last night having mock sword fights with my 2 year old boy who thinks he is King Peter of Narnia. Then the wife and I watched "300" - very romantic, eh! More blood than an abbatoir.

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