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Sunny Holidays

I have a holiday for the next week, Hurrah! Today was rather like yesterday - hot and sunny. Indeed I managed to work up quite a sweat yesterday slaving over a hot keyboard. The sky was mostly cloudless - this is the temple outside Sunrise Divers (Karon Beach)...

Blue skies over the temple

Today - first day of holiday. My daughter is off school too, so we naturally had a lie in. Then dived into Tesco Lotus for a bit of shopping and into Phuket Town where I wanted to buy new glasses. I have worn glasses since I was a kid and have never been tempted by contact lenses. Lasik would be good, but I don't have the spare cash right now. If you want glasses in Phuket, try Better Vision in Phuket Town.

New glasses!

High season is here! Or.... does the low season have one more surprise up it's sleeve?

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