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Sunshine after the Rain

With the news of Sunday's plane crash still all over the news, theories abounding as to the cause (maybe strong wind shear), Phuket in the news for the wrong reasons again and several days of wet and windy weather we really needed some sunshine today. It has been a very nice day, and tomorrow could be pleasant too, but according to the excellent WindGuru site, the weather will turn crappy again over the weekend. Oh, man, does that mean I get another Saturday shopping?

Karon Beach, 18th September

(above) Karon Beach this afternoon

Temple in Karon Plaza outside Sunrise Divers shop

I might even get some decent internet at home soon instead of messing around with dial up. The phone company said they can't do ADSL in my street, I can get a Satellite system from Singapore for nearly 100 US$/month, but now have found a Hi Speed Wireless Internet from the C.A.T. - 10,990 Baht set up fee, then only 800 Baht per month. Will hopefully get that all installed tomorrow and then... more blogging!

World Weather: Shanghai is in the path of Typhoon Wipha - see BBC News or Tropical Storm Risk.

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